The deposit methods may differ across different countries, therefore please check the member center for more information on the options applicable to you. You will get the balance within five minutes almost all the time. Available Deposit Time Open for 24 hours Deposit Amount Limit Bank Transfer: Bank Transfer: not less than 50 USD and not more than 2,000 USD or equivalent. Other: minimum 800 USD or equal, maximum 3000 USD or equal. Methods of Payment What we supported: bank transfer and the other methods. Our effort is paying off, if you are still not getting balance, then please contact us for more updates.


Minimum per request: USD 100/- or as equal.

Maximum per day: 100,000 USD, or any other equivalent amount.

Note: there must be sales in terms of volume to be able to set up a withdrawal request.

Withdrawal fee

We don't charge anything for removal of our cards.

Failing on withdrawal?

  • Are you able to manage the level for getting your money out?

  • If you are active with a bonus, you will not have an option to withdraw your balance until you complete your bonus.

  • In case you enter wrong bank details or the bank is frozen, using a credit card would be the best option.

  • Can I edit my personal information? What should I enter in the space provided?

  • Can you kindly provide customer support service to change bank account details, payee name etc.

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